Welcome to the Sioux Falls City Clerk's Records Online

Records Online provides access to search and view official records of the City Council and previous City governing bodies.

The database includes:

  • Minutes (1877 - Present) (Village Board, City Commission, City Council, and Joint Meetings)
  • Ordinances (1877-Present)
  • Resolutions (1877-Present)
  • Campaign Finance Documents (2009-Present)
  • Election Returns (1942-Present)
  • Raffle & Bingo Notifications (2019-Present)
Search Tips and Instructions:

  • For all date fields, the proper search format is mm/dd/yyyy.
  • A "full text search" locates a specified search term in the record. Combine the search term with a date range to narrow your results.
  • A "keyword search" searches in the specified data fields associated with the document type. This search type is recommended if you know a specific ordinance number, resolution number, or meeting date.
  • *Asterisks* around a search term find that term where it is part of the data field (e.g. *parking* or *signs* or *sidewalk*).
  • For full-text queries, you may use the following search tools: Exact Phrase: "term1 term2"; Boolean: term1 AND term2 OR term3 NOT term4; Soundex: S{term}; Fuzzy: F{term}; Near: N#{term1, term2}
  • To open a document in a new window, click the left icon.
In order to view PDF files, you must have a PDF document viewer.

For assistance in using Records Online, contact the Office of the City Clerk